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Reading - November 2019

Last Edit 12/11/2019

What You Do is Who You Are, Ben Horowitz

Great writing, but not a lot of insight for me personally since I already agree with the thesis (that a company's culture is based on what you do and not what you say) and find it a little shallow. Everything feels a little obvious.

Up Next

Trillion dollar coach, Eric Schmidt

Bill Campbell mentored Steve Jobs, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt, and coached dozens of other leaders. This is his 'playbook'. I will probably skim through it, as it seems quite similar to "The Score Takes Care of Itself" (which was a good read and had some really useful bits). I find small takeaways in books like this can have a huge effect on my day-to-day or week-to-week work.

Obviously Awesome, April Dunford

Book on positioning your startup and how to market yourself. Something I'm very familiar with, but I've heard great reviews of this book and if you learn just a little it would be super helpful. Always great to have a refresher. I think a lot of indiehackers could use this perspective.

Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Bill Aulet

Recommended by Matt Mochary in his book (see below).

The Entrepreneurial State, Mariana Mazzuacato

Economist argues that the state is necessary for innovation in the private sector. Read this for a primer: https://www.wired.co.uk/article/mariana-mazzucato

Recommendations from last month:

The Great CEO Within, Matt Mochary

Will be released this month, but you can read it on google docs here

Really excellent and actionable guide on running a startup / team. One of the books that has had the most takeaways for me in the last year. Highly recommended.

Radical Markets

Don't know if I agree with anything in the book -- but it's interesting to think about things in these terms and to consider what wide scale changes we would implement if it were possible.